We follow innovation

We have chosen the quality fitness equipment.

Complete range of fitness equipment

From high-end, top quality machines and accessories to supreme refurbished fitness equipment.

Priority is aftersales support

Equipment selection consulting; installation, maintenance and service provided by certified technicians.


Premium quality fitness equipment for cardio training. A complete program customized to the needs of your facility, hotel or home gym.

Refurbished fitness equipment

We made possible to our clients the purchase of quality used, refurbished equipment from controlled chain of supply. Well known background of Precor fitness equipment from 3 to 7 years old, refurbished by our Precor certified technician, refurbished with Precor original spare parts, demonstration in our showroom, installation of fitness equipment and warranty.


If you are looking for commercial, custom made, innovative or specialized fitness equipment for strength training- you are at the right place. We offer wide range of strength equipment, contact us for further information.

Functional and performance training fitness equipment

Fitness equipment designed for improvement of physical/functional abilities in both athletes and recreationists.

Fitness Accessories

Wide range of fitness accessories and other training props, fit to everyone. Large selection, well known brands from the fitness industry. Quality above all. Our brand-D2FIT, fitness accessories created as a response to the needs of our fitness equipment market.

Iso-inertial training fitness equipment – What is Iso-inertial training?

Improves efficiency of strength training as well as effect during the training and rehabilitation. We also offer adequate fitness equipment.


We’re revolutionizing whole-body health with the breakthrough science of percussive therapy
Designed for professionals. Made for everybody!


Product highlights

Theragun: G4PRO

The latest neuromuscular percussive therapy device

Exxentric: kbox4

Increases your strength training effectiveness

Precor: TRM 661

The TRM 661 is equipped with a commercial-grade motor that enhances performance

TriggerPoint: Grid Roller

Restore and maintain natural ease of movement with TriggerPoint™ products