A product that has changed muscle and recovery processes.
Change the Way You Move

Who should use Theragun?

Designed for professionals. Made for everybody.

If you are in any way engaged in sports – professionally or you are an advanced recreational athlete, or you just like to enjoy doing sports; you are
physiotherapist or engaged in therapy in any way – you have to take care of recovery as much as the training itself.

Theragun is a necessary part of the offer of your fitness center or other sports facilities. You need to take care of your customers – they gave you their trust, now they expect this in return.

Theragun Package

Compact Travel Case •

All 6 attachments, redesigned with closed cell PU foam •

Accessory Pouch •

Two 75 min Lithium-ion Batteries •

Battery Charger •

Power Adapter •

User manual •

Our newly designed Theragun takes our professional grade percussive therapy device to the next level. Our new proprietary gear box reduces the noise by 50% while maintaining our strict performance standards. The new dual speed function allows for our standard speed of 2400RPMs, and a new speed of 1750 RPMs for sensitive areas. With 60% more battery life, professionals, athletes and prosumers have more use time and less down time. The G3PRO was designed to change the way you move.


Accelerates muscle recovery

Increases blood and lymph flow

Positively affects muscle elasticity

Additional accessories:
Charging Stand




Additional accessories:
World Travel Charger



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