A product that has changed muscle and recovery processes. For the first time in Serbia as a part of the new offer of DD Wellness Solutions!

Theragun namena

Who should use Theragun?

If you are in any way engaged in sports – professionally or you are an advanced recreational athlete, or you just like to enjoy doing sports; you are
physiotherapist or engaged in therapy in any way – you have to take care of recovery as much as the training itself.

Theragun is a necessary part of the offer of your fitness center or other sports facilities. You need to take care of your customers – they gave you their trust, now they expect this in return.

Theragun Package

Original protective packaging  •

Original charger  •

Original rechargeable batteries  •

Original packing for accessories  •

Original Extensions  •

User manual  •

Warranty  •

Theragun paket
Theragun - benefiti

Theragun, although easily portable and lightweight, has a 16mm shaft and an extremely powerful motor that guarantees 40 strokes per second – high-quality and appropriate muscle tissue activation and recovery, four angles from which it is possible to treat a particular region and unlimited use thanks to rechargeable lithium-ion batteries.


Accelerates muscle recovery

Increases blood and lymph flow

Positively affects muscle elasticity


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