*As the name implies, it is a multi-functional machine for a complete body workout
* It can be used for hundreds of different exercises, ranging from rehabilitation to sports-specific applications and is one of the most basic and versatile cable machines available
* The ability to train at any speed and without any impact makes it the product of choice for many different applications
* With its space-saving design, the unit is available with or without a base. (Units without base must be bolted directly and securely to the floor.)
*The Functional Trainer features two adjustable arms, which can be adjusted for virtually any training position. Each pulley swings independently of the machine to match the line of pull. In addition to its already space-saving design, the unit can either stand alone or be floor mounted
* Dimensions:
Height Arms Up -2261mm ,  Height Arms Down- 1497mm,
Width-  2387mm
Depth: 1219mm
Weight : 136kg(with base); 59kg (floor mounted)
Cable Length Unilaterally -3658mm, Cable Length Bilaterally-1829mm
Resistance Range Bilaterally 0-48kg, Resistance Range Unilaterally  0-24kg