– For a good workout we do not need expensive equipment – sometimes a simple wooden box is enough. This is a great tool. In fact, it is very resilient and offers the opportunity to do a wide range of exercises that help improve strength and stress resistance.

– There are many who still think, the plyo box is only suitable only for jump training, but that is not true, in fact we can always make our training routine a little bit more interesting. We can perform also the Bulgarian split squat or the most difficult version of the knee touches, or even push-ups … Along with the jumps (both frontal and lateral) we still have the possibility to add many interesting exercises, just to spice up a bit ourtraining routine.

We produce high quality birch wood boxes. Birch wood is the perfect choice when trying to produce products that are capable to withstand the test of time – since it is both, solid and rigid.


  • Dimensions: 50 x 60 x 70 cm
  • Weight: 25 kg
  • Material: birch wood
  • Color: birch
  • Max. Load: 200 kg